Getting ready for 2014 show

The first board meetings of 2014 have been great evenings of planning, strategy and creative thinking. We are working hard to make the 2014 show the best yet! We are also getting into the racing spirit with our new EAS Grand Prix for you and your group to race and have fun. What is the EAS Grand Prix?

What is the EAS Grand Prix?

A month-long karting competition made up of teams racing high-speed electric karts at Pole Position St. Louis.

What’s it all about?

The purpose of the EAS GP is threefold: 1) To raise money and awareness for St. Louis Shriners Hospital for Children; 2) To have a little friendly completion to see who are the fastest karters around! and 3) To have fun!

Read more about it here.

We have great things planned for the 2014 show so please plan on spending the day with us on June 1st. We’ll keep you posted as our board meetings are in full swing and the logistics, help and generosity of our sponsors and participants starts to ramp up to make 2014 the best year yet.

Vendor & Sponsor setup 8:00 am. Participant setup 10 to 11am. The show starts at 11 and usually run until 3-4pm rain or shine.